Authentic French crepes made right before your eyes in the U.S

Authentic French crepes made right before your eyes in the U.S

Authentic French crepes made right before your eyes in the U.S

 In France crepes are extremely popular and Crepes on the Go plans to deliver the same quality and delicious crepes to your table every day. February 2nd is a traditional holiday popularly known as “Le jour des Crepes,” which means “The day of the crepes.” But they were so delicious that they now enjoy it every day. Crepes are unique because they can be eaten anytime of the day as a hearty meal with meat, vegetables and cheese or as a sweet dessert with Nutella, chocolate spread, syrups and fruits    

How does the catering work?

Authentic French crepes made right before your eyes in the U.S

Authentic French crepes made right before your eyes in the U.S


Make your next event memorable with a full range of catering services to satisfy every need and palate. With an interactive chef crepe stations  - the best on the catering scene. Every meal is prepared and served right in front of you. Elight your team and business partners with corporate catering by Crepes on the Go. From satisfying breakfast and lunch to office party spreads, our experienced team will make your next event a success. Every catering experience is different, and we will assist you with your unique needs.  We’ll bring everything needed to cook up a delicious meal, so that you can concentrate on your guests and entertain with ease. Chef Appolo with his incredible crepe making techniques can cook a crepe within ONE minute. We invite you to call us for further information, or to obtain a price quote. In the meantime, please stop by our crepe stand at Railcar farmers market in Van Alstyne on Tuesdays from 4pm-7pm, Cooley bay winery on Thursdays from 6pm-9pm, Shermans farmers market from 9am-12pm and Luscombe farms every 2nd and 4th sunday of the month and see for yourself what a unique and thoroughly enjoyable product we offer.

What are the Fillings

Authentic French crepes made right before your eyes in the U.S

What are the Fillings

Examples of ingredients we might

bring to your event. 

A variety of cheeses

Smoked turkey

Smoked ham

Roasted chicken


Pulled Pork 

Fresh spinach Tomatoes

Sautéed mushrooms

Sautéed bell peppers

Green onions

caramelized onions Nutella

Assorted jams

Brown sugar 


Maple syrup 

Honey Bananas





Almond Powder You and your guest can create your own crepes by mixing and matching the ingredient 

Customers Review

Crepes For Everyone

What are the Fillings

Rene Smith Teague-Osuna
recommends Crepes on the Go.

May 22 · 

I can’t say enough about how good Crepes on the Go are. Just watching him work is mesmerizing and entertaining then you take your first bite and it stops you in your tracks! Wow pure goodness. He has gluten free option as well.

Delicious food · Great value · Experienced chefs · Creative cuisine

Candy Holden
 recommends Crepes on the Go.

April 3 · 

The crepes were so delicious! So many choices, the ingredients are fresh & good quality. The owners are very friendly & awesome people. Highly recommend you give them a try, you won't be disappointed & you will come back again for more.

Experienced chefs · Professional staff · Creative cuisine · Good for parties · Delicious food · Great value

Crepes For Everyone

Crepes For Everyone

Crepes For Everyone

We offer gluten free crepes

Caitlin Brown  

recommends Crepes on the Go.

May 28 · 

I haven’t had crepes in years due to needing gluten free! It was so wonderful to find a place with gluten free Crepes. It was absolutely delicious and such a treat. So soft and perfect texture. Very sweet and personable! Will definitely be back! Thank you so much!

About Us


With a passion for food, wine and travel, Chef Appolo brings a keen eye for detail and refined service to each catered affair.  Beginning his career in Gaithersburg, Maryland as a crepe maker and worked his way up to catering director and ultimately owning his own crepe shop in Virginia. After moving to Texas he humbly began his crepe catering business from Lubscomb farmers market in Anna, Railcar farmers market in Van Alstyne, Sherman farmers market in Sherman and Cooley Bay winery VaN Alstyne. Here he met many notable clients who came out to support their community and local farmers. Chef Appolo  has been actively building his portfolio in Anna, Van Alstyne  & surrounding areas. 


The Art of crepe making

Generally crepe making is an art and we get satisfaction from the reaction of our clients when they see us turn the batter on the hot plate and when they take their first bite into the crepe. Developing a recipe for tasty gluten-free crepes has also made a big difference and it is very satisfying to know that we are able to serve our gluten free customers.


Our food

We like to describe our food as “ a work of art”. We love transforming humble farmers’ market ingredients into gourmet crepes, which supports our small local farmers and the community as a whole. The fruits and vegetables we buy at the farmers market are the freshest and tastiest available. Fruits are allowed to ripen fully in the field and are brought directly to you. No long-distance shipping, no gassing to simulate the ripening process, no sitting for weeks in storage. This food is as real as it gets—fresh from the farm.


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